Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brain Storm Gathering

On Thursday October 4th, a small group of friends gathered to chat about our community. Items covered included the business climate of Port, the path of becoming a "bedroom" community, and social responsibility vs bottom line for business owners today. Brain-storming began with ideas such as creating incentives for incubator businesses and industry, moving the septic and water treatment plants and reclaimation of the space for community usage. It was suggested that with the Great Lakes in danger of toxic run off from storm water Port Washington would be a perfect location for a water research center Another thought offered was to find out if the contract for our recycleables could be changed so as to create a stream of revenue by creating a business that uses waste for revenue. We are very fortunate to currently have "green'' business in process with Carrie and Rick's gas station. We all agreed that we wanted to see PW support those who live here year round by revitalizing the fishing industry and Ports rich history through a means of revenue and art (sculptures on our sidewalks). The terms "green" and "sustainable" were tossed around and the million dollar question was asked....What does a "green" /sustainable community look like and isn't it mostly economically driven? A great question worth further investigation...

Those present were: June Eastvold, Rick and Carrie Fulop, Burt Babcock, Rhonda Greenhaw Wood and Mary Bernadette.

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